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Sriyah Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd., established in the year 2003, is licensed by Insurance Regulatory Development Authority to carry on insurance broking services in India. Sriyah offers unparalleled service to its customers in placement of general insurance Policies matching their unique risk exposures by carefully going through their business practice and mapping the risks at each stage.

Sriyah also stands with the Customer during the unfortunate times when financial losses occur due to the perils covered. Sriyah’s most cordial relationship with all the Insurers in India helps in getting the best possible price for its Customers.


“We are enjoying a good experience with Sriyah from the time we started placing our general insurance Policies through them. Their ‘discuss’, ‘design’ and ‘delivery’ process has been highly professional with the result, we could take very meaningful and conscious decisions on placement of Policies.

Sriyah makes us understand why documentation is necessary at the time of taking a Policy, during the course of the Policy and on happening of an unfortunate event” – Fuso Glass India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

“The highlight of Sriyah is their approach towards a client after a claim has occurred. They immediately arrange for survey and follow up with us for submission of proper documents enabling the Surveyor to release his Report early.

Their relationship with Insurer appears to be so cordial that the Insurer is made to look at a claimant as an aggrieved person rather than the one who has caused a loss to Insurer.” - Krushi Builders, Bangalore

“All our Insurance Policies in general and Marine Policies, in particular have been designed by Sriyah in seamless manner. They liaise with Insurers and Surveyors very confidently in the event of claim.

As the Policies are written to match our requirements, we feel secured that no insurable event is left uncovered.” – Parimal Mandhir, Bangalore

Your involvement, right from the stage of intimation of claim to the Insurers till we received settlement, was true to your commitment given when we entrusted our Insurance Portfolio to you for administration.

While placement of insurance policies revolves around understanding of exposures settlement of claims under policies so placed is a more complex exercise as it involves interpretations of terms and conditions and close liaison amongst all agencies concerned. We are happy to find a right blend of personnel in your company to undertake the job of an intermediary in the manner intended by the Authority. May your company grow from strength to strength and continue the endeavour in right earnest. - Prara Leathers Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

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