Just as the little Gaumukh gives birth to the vast expanse of the holy Ganges,
a tiny spark gives birth to the 'ocean of services'

Born in a family engaged in multifarious business activities, one of its members was always mulling the ill effects of the unforeseen occurrences that brought about financial losses to the public in general and the business fraternity in particular. Observing that the concept of insurance had not taken deep roots to wade through the periods of distress, Mr. B.R. Muralidhar sought to bridge the gap between the businessmen and the insurer by choosing to be an Insurance Agent.

Insurance Regulatory Development Authority was constituted to regulate the insurance business in India and for the first time, it was thought that a competent representative of the Insured could alone examine the risk exposures, present them to the Insurer, negotiate with Insurer on the terms and benefits and place a suitable Policy at competitive price.

Thus, the concept of Broking was introduced in India in the year 2003 in the Life and General Insurance fields. Mr. Muralidhar, who was by then an experienced Agent, was already attracted by the concept of Broking and made up his mind to broaden his scope of service by involving himself as Broker. Thus, Sriyah, which was already in the insurance business as Broker in small way having obtained the license for direct broking in 'life' and 'general' insurances as one of the firsts during the introductory year of 2003, was acquired in April 2006. Today, Sriyah has grown as a qualitative Broking Company having Offices in Bangaluru, Chennai, Trichy and Vellore.

With a strong professional team in place to oversee the activities to provide top class quality service to its Customers, Sriyah's growth in geometric proportions is not far away.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision : "To be looked upon as a top rated broker in the Indian Insurance Industry and as a benchmark for professionalism, technical capability, customer service and work environment"

Mision : Our mission is to provide seamless and end to end insurance broking services matching with the requirements of its customers that would leave its customers not only in the state of absolute delight but also go a step ahead in referring the name of Sriyah to others, big or small.

Values : Our Values make up the name "SRIYAH" and as a Team Sriyah shall stand on the roots of these Values Simple: Sriyah is committed to make its customers understand the complexities of insurance in simple terms Reachable: Sriyah believes that its customers should reach out to Sriyah for any of their problems regarding insurance. Integrity: Sriyah is committed to carry out its activities in the most transparent manner reflecting the integrity Yearn: Sriyah shall yearn for "customers' satisfaction" always Attitude: Sriyah's attitude towards its customers and employees shall be positive, respectful and dignified. Humble: While viewing the criticisms, if any, of any of its customers seriously, Sriyah shall be humble on any appreciations received.

Business Model:

Sriyah's license enables it to offer insurance broking services in Life and Non Life Sectors. As the Broker is considered as representative of the Insured, such services require a mandate from the customer, though the customer has the right not to utilise the services subsequently. Sriyah shall not claim any fees for the services provided.

Sriyah stands focused to placement of insurance policies suiting to the requirements of its customers. This calls for specialized knowledge in insurance products as well as meticulous 'exposure studies'. Sriyah's core consists of personnel having rich knowledge in insurance, techno marketing, relationship and research aspects. Sriyah believes in building up a long lasting personal relationship between its 'core' and clients.


Our Clients are in the following Business Verticals



Property Developers/






Fleet Operators

Granite Industry

Glass Processing




Leather Industry



Plastic Goods


Printing and




Other Industries

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